Guild 电竞 valued at £41.2m as it’s listed on the London Stock Exchange, Beckham says‘we want to be the No.1 电竞 team’

New London-based organisation Guild 电竞 has been valued at a market capitalisation of £41.2m.

公会宣布计划在伦敦证券交易所上市 last month–and it had its first day of dealings on the stock market 是terday (October 2nd 2020) under the ticker symbol GILD.

A total of 250m ordinary shares were placed at 8p each, valuing Guild at a market capitalisation of £41.2m, 和 the company will have 514m shares in issue overall.

The news comes as shareholder 和 public face of the brand, David Beckham, spoke on Guild’s Twitter page:

Beckham said:“I’m really proud to join Guild 电竞. It’s a sector that I’ve been monitoring for a while now.

“The thing that excites me about being part of Guild is the academy system. If you have the right pipeline for talent, that brings that tribal loyalty that you have within a team.

“I always go into a business thinking‘we’re going to be number one’. We want to be the number one 电竞 team in the business.”

Carleton Curtis, executive chairman, added:“Guild’s debut on the London stock market is a major step in the company’s development 和 provides a strong foundation to execute our long-term growth strategy.

“We are delighted with the strong support from a wide range of institutional 和 other investors, to build a global fan base 和 leading 电竞 teams under the Guild brand.”

公会电竞于6月宣布,从那时起 signed a top Rocket League team featuring British players like Scrub Killa 和 coach Gregan, 以及 FIFA球员NRaseck.

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